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Prostate Cancer is curable, the earlier the diagnosis the better the outcome.  

If detected early, it allows for specialised treatment to be applied to prevent the cancer spreading to other parts of the body. This can be lifesaving.  

The Sheffield Prostate cancer Support Group was established in 2022, with the knowledge that, 1 in 4 men of Black, African or Caribbean heritage will get Prostate Cancer in their lifetime. 1 in 12 will sadly die.

In its early stages, most men with prostate cancer will have no symptoms at all. Too few seek advice for fear of feeling embarrassed.  Many black men are reluctant to contact their GPs with health concerns, and many GPs are not aware of the need for black men to have prostate cancer screening from the age of 45. 

It is important to have the discussion that helps bring this awareness to the forefront and provide support to the local community.


Aim of the group:

The support of the group extends to anyone with experience of Prostate Cancer. It is primarily for black men and their families.

The group members will share their experiences through peer-to-peer discussions and group sessions. These will be held in good faith with utmost discretion. 

The aim is to support men from diagnosis, to ensure they are well informed when making treatment decisions whilst providing a human connection to help you deal with any concern.



We aim to highlight the importance for men of Black heritage to 'get tested' early. This is due to the inherent risk of getting Prostate Cancer at an early age, black men are eligible from the age of 45 to request a Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test at their GP surgery.

If there is any family history of cancer (including breast and cervical cancer in female relatives), men should seek screening at the age of 40, as their risk is further increased.  


Click link below for a quick risk assessment:

Family history is a risk factor for Prostate Cancer. Click link below for family tree tool to help identify this risk factor:

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