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In late 2019, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I can't recall any particular symptoms that made me decide to visit my GP, It was however in the knowledge that my father had passed away with prostate cancer. Time had come for me to get a check up.


I was initially given a blood test (PSA - prostate specific antigen) this came back slightly raised.

I then had my prostate checked through a DRE (digital rectal examination) I must admit to being apprehensive about this procedure.


Due to raised PSA levels and nothing highlighted from the DRE, I was invited  to for an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan .


The scan did not highlight anything of concern so I was advised to take a biopsy examination.


The Biopsy resulted with me being diagnosed with first level prostate cancer.


My feelings were two-fold in I was taken aback that I had the cancer, but relived that they found it at an early stage.


I was given options on whether to be continuously monitored - under active surveillance or have my prostate removed surgically. I went for the monitoring


I first communicate this to selected members of the family selected as I wanted to protect the younger family  members of the  bad news.


Support was  provide by the  Uro-Oncology support team which are there for me to contact if and when needed.

Currently in early 2023, my PSA levels continue to rise, additional MRI scans haven't identified any issues and I await a detailed biopsy operation.

Earl (63)
Support Team Member

I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer December 2014,


If there was a group of this nature around at that time I would have accessed that group.

I knew there was something wrong with the waterworks, which I put down to the aging process.

 One morning I saw blood in my urine, so I immediately went to the GP surgery for a walk in appointment (those were the days) 

In the weeks that followed, tests were done to determine among other things if I had diabetes.

I was subsequently referred to Urology at The Royal Hallamshire Hospital where I had other tests done;

First there was a blood test to determine PSA - prostate specific antigen  PSA level.  Then there was the Digital Rectum Examination DRE ( fortunately I knew what to expect; but still not nice)


The next step was to have a biopsy, which confirmed that there were cancerous cells in my prostate.  

I then went for an MRI scan to determine if the cancer had spread to other parts of my body. This was the most agonising part of my experience (waiting to hear if it had spread), which it hadn’t, but I was told it was aggressive.

Consequently I had a discussion about treatment;


 I had treatment and I am clear of cancer. I still have a yearly PSA test




Group Member

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