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1in4SPSG in attendance  at the EMRI Conference 

March  2024


EMRI (Ethnic Minority Reseach Inclusion) 

The belief is for health and care research to be effective,  representation is required from all communities, in all different types of research, so if something works, it will be known to work for everyone

They  are a Network of research staff and members of the public from across the Yorkshire and Humber region, working alongside the Clinical Research Network Yorkshire and Humber, with a shared interest in increasing levels of participation in health research within Ethnic Minority communities throughout Yorkshire and Humber.

The 1in4v team were happy to have its stand prominently  placed within the conference

Active Against Cancer’ with Sheffield Wednesday Football Club

Further to the initial meeting in January the team have agreed a regular monthly sessions at the Jubilee Sports Club (Claywheels Lane, S6 1LZ)

January 2024 

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 12.33.09.png

At today's 1in4SPSG meeting we were visited by Sean, Rebecca and Ben from Sheffield Wednesday Football Club (SWFC) Community Programme team. Ben delivered a 30-minute chair-based exercise session as part of a programme called 'Active Against Cancer'. 

Funding has been awarded to SWFC in Oct 23, from Weston Park Hospital and Macmillan, to deliver exercise to cancer patients pre/post op or patients in remission. The funding is for two years, and they are keen to reach community groups such as 1in4 SPSG.

They have offered to return monthly to run a 15-30 min exercise session with the group. Once the weather warms up, they have also invited the group for a tour of SWFC Hillsborough stadium.

1in4SPSG meeting South Yorkshire’s Community of Practice for Research in Primary Care

December  2023

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 12.24.14.png

This month the group joined Primary Care staff at South Yorkshire’s Community of Practice for Research in Primary Care. The Community of Practice was established in September 2021, to offer peer support and informal education for people working in Primary and Community Care, with an interest in research.

The group were given a warm welcome as they shared their experiences of the healthcare system, their feelings about their diagnosis and the long-term impact of treatment.

Everyone was shocked to hear about the stark health inequalities that exist for black men and prostate cancer and very supportive of our longer-term aim of working with local GP surgeries to raise awareness of the issue and improve experiences for men seeking testing and at diagnosis.

Inclusivity and representation of ethnic minorities in research is high on everyone’s agenda at the moment but sadly this can sometimes be tokenistic unless the needs and responses of the individuals are used to shape and inform the research study from the very beginning. 

1in4 SPSG were able to demonstrate the power of authentic participation by sharing the positive work that they have been involved in as Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) with organisations such as Can-Survive and Prostate Cancer Research, in the development of online resources for black men and their families at diagnosis.

Psychological and Emotional Support following a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Delroy Hall

November  2023

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 12.17.40.png

In November the group welcomed Delroy Hall to speak with the group about understanding the emotional and psychological impact of a prostate cancer diagnosis on a man’s humanity and masculinity.

With over 30 years of experience working as a counsellor in many different settings, Delroy expertly guided the group through the sensitive and personal aspects of loss, as a common experience that all humans experience at some point in their lives.

Taboo and stigma associated with As the prostate is a part of the body that is associated sexual function, stigma and shame often present barriers to awareness, diagnosis and treatment. By tackling these issues within the group we are better able to challenge these barriers for the wider community.

Louise Metcalfe – Primary Care Lead Nurse for Cancer, Sheffield.

October  2023

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 12.30.51.png

This month the group were joined by Louise Metcalfe who works across Primary Care in Sheffield, in all areas related to cancer. As her nursing background is originally Urology, the subject of prostate cancer is close to her heart, and she remains closely linked with the Urologists and Nurse Specialists in the department at the Royal Hallamshire hospital in Sheffield.

Louise instantly struck up a rapport with the group and has remained in contact, attending meetings when she is able. She has been able to advocate for group members, organising acupuncture sessions to reduce side effects of treatment and in the New Year hopes to put us in touch with the Sheffield Wednesday Football Club as they launch their new programme ‘Active Against Cancer’.

Prostate Cancer: The Impact of your Food Choices

Rupert Aikman 

September  2023

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 16.26.58.png
Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 16.26.36.png

In September the group were visited by Rupert Aikman, founder of Nottingham based, ‘Healthy Eating Solutions’. 

Rupert is passionate about making healthy eating accessible and with his in-depth knowledge of the African-Caribbean diet he was able to share lots of information and advice on eating healthily after a Prostate Cancer diagnosis to reduce the risk of dietary related illnesses such as diabetes and obesity.

We are hoping he is going to return in the New Year to deliver a follow up session in which we get to taste some of his cooking!

Focus Group Meeting with CanSurviveUK to provide feedback on the Infopool software

July  2023

Screenshot 2023-07-22 at 11.13.43.png

Launch Night

April  28th 2023

Our Launch

The Group will launch their program on April  28th 2023


Our Beginning

The Sheffield Prostate cancer Support Group was established in 2022

Prostate Cancer Awareness By Valerie Grossett and Sheila Daley

SACMHA highly prioritises the inclusion of black men in research related to prostate cancer, so in June 2022 led by two of our Community Health Advisors, Valerie Grossett and Sheila Daley, SACMHA began partnering with The University of Sheffield to find out more about the management of the side effects of prostate cancer treatments. Participants have been highly engaged in this research and from this project plans have emerged to give a voice to black men living with prostate cancer through an established Sheffield based support group. SACMHA would like to recognise the collaboration of Dr. Qizhi Huang (GP); Dr. Kate Fryer (Research Associate), Professor Janet Brown (University of Sheffield) Weston Park Hospital and Dr. Caroline Mitchell (GP) in developing the Prostate Cancer Awareness project.

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